Ufactory Delivers its New Arm Crowdfunding.


uFactory, is releasing their 3rd generation arm, the “Swift” which looks to be a nice improvement on their previous arm the uArm metal (Note: I own a uArm Metal and reviewed it here).   The uArm was traditionally a servo based arm, which, if you read this blog, know that I am not the biggest fan of.  However, this time around they are delivering a “Pro” version which has both steppers and encoders.  This can provide a series of benefits:

  • Improved accuracy, linearity and repeatability even when bumped or overloaded
  • The ability to manage acceleration, deceleration
  • Allows a training mode where the arm can record the position you put it in (this is done with the encoders, not the steppers)

In addition it looks like they have added a few more nice capabilities to the uArm including:

  • Improved Software (the software in the first version was already pretty nice.)
  • Different end-effectors including a claw and a laser marking head.

I wish them luck, the product looks like a winner and has already exceeded the funding goals.  The link the the Indiegogo site is here.



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