Not Just another Robot Arm on Kickstarter

Another open source robot arm has cropped up on Kickstarter, It seems to have 6 DoF which is nice.  Surprisingly it uses brushless DC motors and Hypocycloidal gearboxes that they claim are backdriveable.  This is a serious step up from the hobby servos many arms use but there are lots of tradeoffs with hypocycloids which need to be overcome.   The motion looks a bit jerky right now as well, so I suspect some more work needs to be done either on software or hardware.  All said though, the ambitiousness of the design and price point has me intrigued.

2 thoughts on “Not Just another Robot Arm on Kickstarter”

  1. Hi,
    we are in the field of powder coating industry i need a robot for powder coating the part. Is your robotic arm is compatible of powder coating a part.
    Can we attach the powder coating electrostatic gun in your arm?

    please send me the specification of the robot in detail.

    along with that please give me video of full working speed of robot

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