First Robot Arm

Hi There,

I am here because I just began my journey into robotic arms recently. Although I have a bit of a long history with robotics, specifically last year april 2015 I designed an arm. I dont know much about programming or electronics, but I do know a bit about cad and fabrication.


So this year, on march 2016 I was finally able to afford the cost of waterjet cutting some of the parts as well as buying most of the components I needed. Im not yet ready to start programming since I am still missing about half the arm.

In any case, Id like to start discussing several topics related to my project. Specifically, my main objective is to install a cutting/milling tool on the end of the arm to cut through at least 1/4″ thick aluminum.

One friend of mine commented that in machining there are alot of vibrations and thus the robot arm wont handle it too well. Since Im just starting out I think first I need to finish the arm, then learn to program it, then learn to interface it with cam software, then start cutting, and lastly start improving it.

So yeah, thats my first question, what should I do about programming the arm ?

I have arduino on my laptop, have an uno board with a grbl shield, and 4 steppers. Any advice ?


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  1. Hi CADMAN, sorry for taking so long to approve your post… for some reason I was not getting notifications. You may want to take this to the forums… In particular one member of the @dhylands is doing work on GRBL based controls but only for 2DoF.

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