Field Trip: Robot Garden

In going to several robotics events I run across interesting robot people.  At one of the Silicon Valley Robotics events I met Andra Keay, who runs SVR.   She told me about a really interesting makerspace/robot group in Livermore, CA that she helped set up called Robot Garden.  One of the organizers at Robot Garden is a gentleman named Fred Douhit whom invited me out to talk about  I sat in one of their meetings where they are building a small ROS turtlebot style robot as a team.  It was really interesting to see how a cross functional team can build neat open source designs. It makes me wish I was closer to Livermore.  If you live in the east bay, look them up (meetup link below).
One thing they are interested in is open source robot arm designs for education.  This is super interesting to me so hopefully we can collaborate.

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