7bot Open Source Robot On Kickstarter

Good news for Kickstarter fans… another open source* robot arm.  In some ways this uses some similar design elements to the existing uArm and they even show a uArm in their video, however from the elbow towards the manipulator it is a completely different design.  They look to have achieved a good  range of motion with their 6 DoF arm.  Overall, I think that this appears to be a very nice arm for the price.

A  caution I have is that it is based on hobby servos and seems to have all of the accuracy and jerkyness you would expect from hobby servos.  As many of you know, I am much more excited by other drive motors like brushless and DC motors (also confusingly called servos) or even steppers.  One of the benefits of uArm being open source before this arm is that much of the software developed by uArm is being leveraged in their demos.  I hope they give proper attribution.

*Quick caveat here, so many robots claim to be open source but only become open source late in the game and are done so in a way that makes replicating or improving the design nearly impossible.  I hope these guys do a better job open sourcing their designs than most.

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