Want to Build a Robot Arm?

This page will be updated over time with suggestions on where to get started..


Bender is a 5 DoF arm built by a community member, @rkitect, on his own.  It is a thoughtful arm the keeps the price low by 3D printing timing belt pulleys rather than expensive gears.   Rohit took it one step further by making it a ROS Node! His 3D CAD files are available here.   He also has a nice homepage with videos and pictures at this link.  On the homepage there are also links to Rohit’s Github page.  Rohit has one caveat on this robot – that is that the shoulder joint doesn’t yet have enough torque to fully lift the arm.  Those looking to build an arm should pitch in and help Rohit with this issue.

2DoF Drawing Robot

The team at robotarm.org have been working on a low cost 2 degree of freedom robot arm.  To get involved, come to the meetup.

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  1. I know Im late to the party, but are you guys still working on this ? When do you meet and how can I participate considering I may not be in your location (I live in new york city).

    Specifically Im more on the mechanical side, I have a design of my own. Started the design april 2015 and finished november 2015, lots of research and had to re-design several times. In april 2016 I had some cash saved up so I payed someone in ohio 100 for one hour on his waterjet. He purchased the material and cut my dxf and shiped me parts. I still need to make more parts but need to save up some more cash first. I am also stuck doing the programming stuff, my buddy who usually helps is busy with his job right now.

    Anyway, any opportunity I can find to learn new skills will be greatly appreciated thanks.

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