Field Trip: Autodesk Robotics Lab


After seeing the Forbes article on Autodesk’s use of robotic arms to do drawing (see previous blog post). I hunted down David Thomasson (@davidthomasson) at Autodesk for myself, (actually @tstein just connected me).  The demo was every bit as good as it was in the Forbes article and now he has joined us as a member on

Autodesk continues to add arms, and expand what they are doing as an exploration of the future of manufacturing.  One of the things that I find amazing about the work happening at Autodesk is the efficiency of what they are building.  So often robots take a huge amount of setup to get a single task done, so we only use robots for tasks that have to be done many times.  With the system that David is working on, it is arguably more efficient to do something once with a robot than do something manually – this totally breaks the traditional paradigm of robotics.  Yeah!

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