Software environments for robotics


In robotics today many people have heard about ROS the robotics operating system. It is currently the heavy weight in the industry. Though, it is not the only option. The node.js community has been getting going playing with robotics as well with a project called Nodebot. Give it a look. What do you think?

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  1. I have been playing with J5 for a couple of months, and it is not (yet) comparable to ROS, currently it is basically a hardware abstraction layer (no SLAM or Kinematics or Vision). But it’s a very good one . For example their proximity class provides support for 16 different sensors fx. Sparkfun’s Lidar-Lite and several infrared and ultrasound components.
    The project is developing at a fast pace but the existing API’s are solid, most new development involves new hardware support.

    I will highly recommend it for fast prototyping and testing out ideas.

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