How to get Involved


I get questions from various folks about how to get involved with the project.  This blog post is a guide to what you can do to get involved with  This list starts with the easiest and goes up to the most involved ways to contribute.

1) Read our blog posts!  About 50% of the blog posts come from me (Adam) and the rest come from the community, so they are broad and varied.  We average about 2 a week right now but I expect that they will increase.  The best way to follow blog posts is to follow @RobotArmOrg on twitter there is RSS feeds on the site.

2) Register and get involved on the site.  Easiest is to get involved in the forums.  There are lots of questions that are in need of your expertise and lots of experienced people waiting to answer your questions.  There is also a cool feature of the site where you can post your own blogs!  In addition there are social features on the site where you can friend and message people if you want to.

3) Help us build an arm, or build your own arm and tell us about it!  This is what we would love more than anything! Go to this forum to discuss your interest

4) Help Sponsor a project.  Robotics is really expensive and many folks are dong this as a hobby.  If you (or your company) love robotics and are interested in funding or providing equipment to students or hobbyists to build projects, I will do my best to make this happen.  Just message me on or comment to this blog post.  Expressing interest in sponsoring a project is not a commitment, I would have to find a project for you to fund before you spend a dime.

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