Ideas for an open source arm

I recently discovered this forum and think it’s a great idea. I was looking forward to see what all things are already there in this space when I stumbled upon some projects that I could use. Following is a dump of the things  I am going to use/ and some other ideas :

  1. This community
  2. A hackaday project : by Andreas Hoelldorfer (have pinged him, haven’t yet received a response.Will update)
    The most amazing part is the ‘3D printability’ of this project. All you need is something like a Delta with a large enough print volume. Also like the fact that there is a DC motor version and a stepper version.
  3. Yale Open Hand Project (
  4. Linux and ROS : Both are open and are a perfect fit for such a project. A robotic arm is potentially doable using a uC but having Linux onboard makes it so much more fun.
  5. Beaglebone Black : OSHW, great community and documentation, more than enough pins, runs ROS. Also, this will most likely be compatible with the soon-to-be-launched Beagleboard X15.
    A modular system using capes/capemgr will work wonders. So for example, if I switch in between the different Open Arms, all I have to do is load a different cape and everything else will fall in place.
  6. Price needs to be in the extremely affordable range. So something around the $300 mark including the electronics, motors, etc.
  7. Other generic tools like GitHub, Hackaday, Wikis.
  8. I also need a cool name for this project 😀 !

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