Hypocycloidal Gear Script

Hello all,

Recently met Adam and am super excited to contribute to this community.  I worked with him a couple weeks ago on the hypocycloidal gears and wanted to share the script.  This is all derived from the information on this page:


I was working to import the results of the script he created, but for smooth machinable surfaces it had the downside of using a series of straight lines to connect the points generated from his curves.

So whats an engineer to do? Write a native script in Fusion 360 to generate the hypocycloid curves natively as smooth “splines” of course. (Disclaimer I do work for Autodesk so some self promotion here).

If you are interested in checking out these gears for yourself you can see the script here:


At the bottom of the readme you’ll see a link to a simple model I put together using the sketches generated from the script you can use as reference.

The model Adam has built is far more complete and if you are looking for something ready to go I’d keep bugging him for his nicely completed file set 🙂

Let me know if you have any success with the script or if you find any problems.

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