The Only Thing Keeping Robots Down is Product-Market Fit


Okay, that title is a little tongue and cheek… Engadget has ben pumping a mid length article called The only thing keeping robots down is you.  While the article is interesting, it over emphasizes our emotional connection, or lack therof, or discomfort with robots as the primary reason we don’t have robots everywhere…

While possibly true, it ignores that most robots made for home or to be around people rarely do something interesting at a price people are willing to pay.  The failure of Pleo had nothing to do with creepyness, it had everything to do with being a super expensive toy.  I can imagine a $2000 robot that actually made you bacon, eggs and toast every morning beginning to end timed to be hot when you sit down at the table, would sell.  I would buy one, for sure.  And I wouldn’t care if it looked like a Furby, lived in uncanny valley or looked like a certain California Governor

Hasta la Vista, Pancake

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