Robot Chef!

I feel like I was just talking about this… Oh right, I did in my last post. The robot everybody wants is robot chef, this is the ultimate luxury item.  While the post on Engadget is self descriptive there are several interesting things in there – one is that these are Universal Robot arms, which start at about $23k without manipulators, however these are the high end arms so probably at least 2 times that and there are two of them.  The manipulators are made by the company that gave the demo – Moley Robotics and probably cost about $10k each.  Moley claims that the whole solution will cost $15k in 5 years.  In order for that to happen, we would need to see an order of magnitude drop in the cost of the components involved in this solution to still turn a profit in 5 years.  This is exactly what we like to see!

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