2 Stage Hypocycloidal Gear (1:30 ratio)

I have managed to print out the 2 stage hypocyclodial gear set based on Alex Lait’s script.  The next step is to cut this out of Delrin and start prototyping a real arm joint.  For those that want the Fusion 360 files, check here!  The Fusion 360 file is a total mess, I will improve that later.

4 thoughts on “2 Stage Hypocycloidal Gear (1:30 ratio)”

  1. I spent a few grand trying to make this same gear train works. The internal forces are uneven, which bends the output shaft off-axis and causes the teeth of the gear to bind. Long story short, you get almost no torque before the gears jam.

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    1. Hey Dan, you are totally right… the two stage ones dont really work except as curiosities… There are however singe stage ones that work quite well and are used successfully in robots, however it is only useful in low gear ratio, environments. I am going to work on those next to see what I can do to alleviate some of those issues.

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